ready for your comeback?

"Until the river sessions started, waking up to go and swim on my own was a bit “meh”, now I am actually waking up pumped and excited! Everybody I talked to think I am a lunatic “what?? You are excited about swimming early morning... in the river?!!” But my answer is always the same “it’s THE best, give it a go and you’ll understand!!”"

Manue Hooper-Bue (swimmer)

Come and join us for 9 weekly sessions down at the beautiful Freshwater Bay, Peppermint Grove whilst we wait for the Claremont Pool to re-open following the COVID-19 pandemic.

This session is a great mix of open water skills (i.e. 
drafting, sighting, turning), dealing with the anxieties of swimming in the open water, challenging aerobically, fun and friendly in a safe environment. The session is run by a team of expert coaches each morning and is a great way to start your own COVID-19 Comeback from isolation!

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3 groups to choose

We run the following sessions:


6.45am & 9.30am





Each session costs 1 normal credit & runs for 45 minutes, includes a full safety briefing prior, and has a coach:swimmer ratio of 1:9 ensuring great quality of coaching whilst doing our thing for social distancing

Given the variable nature of open water swimming, and the fact we're going into winter - our primary source of communication for regular news and updates is via our special WhatsApp channel. Click the link below to register for that (NOTE: it's a 1-way system so we won't clog your WhatsApp message box with loads of cross-member banter!)

Are you dubious about swimming in the Swan River?

Listen to our regulars as they regale details of how they've found the new sessions at Freshwater Bay to be anything but daunting - concerns of temperature, of cleanliness, of safety, of value etc are all discussed below: