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Watch the short video above to see how easy it is

to access the Swim Smooth Perth Squad or book in 

for a 1-2-1 Video Analysis Session - even my Granny could have done it (R.I.P)!

Harnessing technology to

provide a simple, and fair, payment system...

*cue video to left

There are TWO Types of swimmer in this squad...

Despite us having identified six Swim Types with respect to technique,  when it comes to booking status in the squad, there are essentially two types of swimmer: 1) those who have earned a "permanent" spot in the squad and Opt OUT of sessions they can't make; and 2) those newer swimmers who have to Opt IN to sessions (often by way of the wait list) to snag a spot:

Permanent Members (Opt OUT)

Many of our 380 regular attendees have been training with the squad for over 10 years, which is a strong indicator of the quality of the program. These swimmers have regular booked sessions locked in for them which they have up until 12hrs before the session starts to Opt OUT of if they can no longer attend. This works very effectively indeed with over 85 spots being offered up per week from those who cancel out early enough.

Casual Members (Opt IN)

You might not have a permanent spot just yet, but by registering for a few waitlists and gaining access to the squad, the system is intelligent and dynamic enough to spot where potential regular spots might lie. Like with anything, you have to be in it to win it though, so get signed up and you'll have made the first step to swimming smoother and faster than ever before!

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