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We offer premium swim coaching in a supportive and fun environment to swimmers and triathletes of all ages and abilities from the total beginner to the professional triathlete. We do this all within our uniquely supportive environment at the wonderful outdoor 50m  Claremont Pool, which is heated year-round to 28.5ºC!

Our coaching is powered by the world renowned Swim Smooth coaching system - in fact, you'll be coached by the founder of Swim Smooth himself, Paul Newsome, and his team of equally passionate coaches.


Each week we help over 380 people like you achieve their goals of becoming the best swimmer they can be and having fun in the process!

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​We fundamentally believe that every swimmer in our squad is an individual and should be treated as such.


Our SWIM TYPES®  coaching system recognises that we are all built differently, that we come from a wide range of swimming backgrounds and experiences and even varied learning styles too. We're not all 6ft6in tall with the wingspan of an albatross and a swimming resumé that might make even Thorpie wince. Nor are we all training solely for pool swimming - which is VERY different from swimming well in the open water - so why should we all be coached in the same way? We shouldn't, and you won't. 

If you want the highest quality swim coaching known to fishkind and are serious about improving your enjoyment and swimming efficiency for whatever purpose, then Swim Smooth Perth is for you!

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Life at Swim Smooth Perth

Life at Swim Smooth Perth

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